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C++ Libraries for Computer Vision Research and Implementation

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Introduction: What is VXL?

VXL (the Vision-something-Libraries) is a collection of C++ libraries designed for computer vision research and implementation. It was created from TargetJr and the IUE with the aim of making a light, fast and consistent system. VXL is written in ANSI/ISO C++ and is designed to be portable over many platforms. The core libraries in VXL are: As well as the core libraries, there are libraries covering numerical algorithms, image processing, co-ordinate systems, camera geometry, stereo, video manipulation, structure recovery from motion, probability modelling, GUI design, classification, robust estimation, feature tracking, topology, structure manipulation, 3d imaging, and much more.

Each core library is lightweight, and can be used without reference to the other core libraries. Similarly, the non-core libraries don't depend on more than absolutely necessary, so you can compile and link just the libraries you really need.

For a more detailed description of the libraries see the VXL book.

VXL is developed and used by an international team from academia and industry, including some of the world's leading computer vision experts.


Documentation on the whole of VXL

There are two main references for information on the whole of VXL: You can also download the release 1.17 documentation.

VXL guides

These are short guides to specific areas in VXL: xcv and vgui have not changed a lot since the last release of VXL so these guides should be useful for both the release and development versions of VXL.

Download and install

You can download the latest official release

Or get the latest development version from the Git \.

Problems and where to get help


There is a vxl-users FAQ.

There are other FAQs in the VXL book.

Mailing list

The Issues Tracker is the best location to report issues with VXL.

The historical mailing list (Not used in the past few years) VXL mailing lists are at SourceForge.


The dashboards at are a summary (collated from different machines at different sites in different timezones) of the current build status of VXL. More builds are welcome; just follow the instructions for submitting a build.

Reporting bugs to the github issue tracker

If you think you have found a bug, or if you have an installation or build problem, please submit a bug report on the Issues Tracker. Please check the vxl-users list policy to find out what information will be helpful in sorting out your bug.