Submitting a VXL build to the dashboard

Follow the instructions below to contribute a submission to the vxl quality dashboard.
  1. Create a directory to house dashboard builds (e.g. ~/Dashboards or c:\Dashboards):
         $ mkdir ~/Dashboards
         $ cd ~/Dashboards
  2. Check out the vxl testing scripts:
         $ mkdir vxl-scripts
         $ cd vxl-scripts
         $ git init
         $ git remote add -t dashboard origin
         $ git pull
         $ cd ..
         $ ls vxl-scripts
         dash_example.cmake  vxl_common.cmake
  3. Copy and edit the example script to suit your configuration:
         $ cp vxl-scripts/dash_example.cmake vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake
         $ $EDITOR vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake
    It might look like this:
         set(CTEST_SITE "mylinuxbox.myinstitution")
         set(CTEST_BUILD_NAME "Linux-gcc")
         set(CTEST_CMAKE_GENERATOR "Unix Makefiles")
    The script you create configures local details. Most work is done by the vxl_common.cmake script it includes.
  4. Create a scheduled task (windows) or cron-job (unix) that runs the script with ctest. The command line should be something like
         ctest -S ~/Dashboards/vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake -V > ~/Dashboards/vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.log 2>&1
    For nightly builds, the job should run at some time after 11pm Eastern. See the CTest Wiki for help configuring scheduled tasks.